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Fiber Fusion Technology (FFT)
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Fiber Fusion Technology (FFT)

The Polyfibre strings used Polyfibre proprietary micro Fiber Fusion Technology (FFT) to create a gut-like core strand. Each core strand is made using nano-graded bonding resin which penetrates and adheres to the surface of the fiber and fuses the finest micro fibers together during the thermal controlling process. The characteristics of the fused fiber core are similar to the natural guts that feature excellent high-power response and resulting in increased energy return to the shuttlecock. It also provides a solid and superb feel.

Polyfibre (FFT) core is wrapped with a specially braided micro fiber sheath that utilizes pressurized twist technology where the highest quality polyamide fibers are tightly twisted and fused around the core. This condensed and fused string is more durable, powerful and provides higher tension holding properties than other strings of the same gauge.
Polyfibre¡¯s (FFT) strings are made to outperform any competitors in its class with max performance hit after hit.