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POLYFIBRE - probably the best Polyester-string ever existing!
Published£º2010-7-29 16:27:30 View 1548
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          After almost two years of research work in the laboratory and testing areas in the USA, we managed to develop a completely new polyester string that leaves all other polyester strings in the dust on account of its excellent qualities.
Polyfibre strings are played by professionals: wie z.B. Magnus Larsson (Sweden), Kim Tiilikainen (Finland), Ronald Agenor (USA), Jan Gunnarsson (Sweden), Franz Stauder (GER), Martin Emmrich (GER),.. and many tournament-players, coaches, and club-players around the world. 
POLYFIBRE-Strings hardly loose their hard tenseness and even over months retain their equal bounce back power and play qualities. Moreover, the durability with the same strength can be raised by up to 50%.  According to test results of the "Tennismagazin", the POLYFIBRE String was marked twice as "very good" (6/1998 and 6/2001), and once as purchase suggestion (4/2003)!