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Polyfibre has established Polyfibre Asia office in Taiwan to better serve its Asia distributors
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Polyfibre Asia headquarter in Taiwan
What does it mean to us?
With extremely high demands of Polyfibre products all over the world, we have decided to establish an office in Taiwan to assist and manage sales/marketing of Polyfibre products in the Asia regions.
With the highly talented product research and development team in Taiwan, Polyfibre products are continue being developed and improved with less labor and overhead costs.
What does it mean to you as one of Polyfibre distributors?
We have a strong sales/ customer¡¯s service team in Taiwan, which means providing fast and efficient customer services to assist Asia distributors to be successful in business.
With our inventory control center in China Guangzhou, Asia distributors require no production lead time to be waiting for.
Products are being shipped out from out Guangzhou warehouse, which means low shipping cost and less delivery time to Asia countries.
Products can be arranged and delivered when needed, which means Asia distributors do not need to keep huge inventory in his or her region/country of sales.
With the advantages of having Polyfibre Asia office, we are able to assist each Asia country distributor financially requiring no huge minimum quantity to ordered, which lower capital investment for distributors.
Products are being researched and developed with highly talented team in Taiwan branch, this year, we have already broaden our product line which will help distributors to generate more sales, profit and business.
We understand each country have different market demands, therefore, with the highly talented customer services/R&D team in Taiwan, we have the flexibility and efficiency to improve products to suit each market¡¯s need.
Polyfibre Asia also provides OEM/custom design services to its contracted distributors for non competitive products. Each contracted distributor has the opportunity to custom design non competitive products to generate more sales.