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Polyfibre is looking for Sole Distributor in your country.
Published2010-7-30 14:17:54 View 1654
          Dedicated to superior fiber technology, Polyfibre, the Germany-based Company is extremely familiar with the properties and characteristics of all state-of-the-art fiber products currently available today. With close to 20 years experience in the most cutting-edge fiber manufacturing technology, Polyfibre is also known for producing ground-breaking, superior quality and performance tennis strings.
Since 1993, the company has developed and sold over 30 different types of string in more than 40 countries.  Per the demand trends in worldwide market, Polyfibre has evolved into a multifunctional business entity, we no longer limit ourselves to just a high-end fiber manufacturer. We have decided to expend our high-end tennis strings to a full line of racquet sports product that includes racquets, strings, grips, machines and accessories that will give racquet sports players everything they need to be successful on the court.
With the strategic global advantage, this year, we decided to expand our distribution network, product development and quality control center in Taiwan. This office, Polyfibre Asia, also extends marketing and sales services and assistances to its Asia Polyfibre distributors. We invite you to join our family of sporting goods distributors; and/or help us to extend our Polyfibre racquet sports brand in your marketplace. In addition, we private label selected products for your group too!
Distributors can purchase Polyfibre brand products on a direct shipment basis from the Polyfibre Asia office, please visit www.polyfibresports.com or contact info@polyfibresports.com for product services and terms.
This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to join the force of Polyfibre family and be part of a growing company; the distributor spot is limited to one per country, so contact us soon.
No matter where your business is located, we are ready and able to serve you with uncompromising quality and efficiency.