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    1. General Product Information

      Product Informations

    2. Packaging and Shipping Instructions


      Click on the link below to download Polyfibre Product Availability and Packaging Information Data Sheet.

      Polyfibre Product Availability and Packaging Info.doc

    3. Ordering Requirements


      Terms of Sales:

      All orders must be prepaid via T/T. Orders will be processed upon confirmation of the payment.


      Prices are listed as F.O.B. Germany and F.O.B. China. Customer is required to handle all freight costs, including the cost for C.O.D.

      Export Handling Charge Policy:

      Order less than $10,000 USD wil be charged an export handling fee of $250 USD.  No additional export handling fee for all orders over $10,000 USD or Air Express Shipping method(UPS, Fedex, DHL¡­etc.) is chosen for orders under $10,000 USD.

      ** Please contact info@polyfibresports.com for Pricing Details **