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Polyamide is the most versatile material for strings. Polyfibre intertwines selective polyamide fibers in different angers to produce strings with unique characteristics. The most popular construction of Polyfibre Polyamide string is a solid core with a single wrap, commonly known as synthetic gut. Due to its excellent dynamic properties, it is the most frequently used string type which offers maximum durability with minimum tension loss. This type of string is suitable for players who have a normal or high string consumption.

Polyfibre synthetic gut strings come in different blends and constructions. In order to provide higher elasticity and better playability, Polyfibre uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology bundled high resilient microfibers with proprietary resin. A tightly twisted outer layer wrap then provides this multifilament polyamide string the characteristic that resembles of a natural gut.
Polyamide multifilament strings are more comfortable due to the cushioning effect of the fiber cores. This multi-cored construction is also a forgiving string for those with arm problems while wanting string durability.

Gauge: 1.30MM
Length: 40 FEET / 12.2M (Set), 660 FEET / 200M (Reel)
Color: Natural

Gutex is an advanced multifilament string which offers excellent response and feel. The core is made of high quality fibers then wrapped tightly with copolymer filaments to produce a gut-like performance. This unique construction of compact fibers results in an energetic and powerful combination that is easy on the arm.
Gutex is a resilient and powerful string with an added benefit of comfort.

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